Class 9 English Assignment Answer (4th Week)

Class 9 English Assignment Answer 2020 (4th Week)

Class 9 English Assignment Answer (4th Week)


Class 9 English Assignment Answer (4th Week)-The fourth answer of sophistication 9 English recruitment has been published. Assignment of sophistication 9th class has been prepared as per the principles of lyceum certificate. The fourth-week assignment will start on 1st November. [linkad]

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Class 9 English Answer

In this article, 9th grade English Assignment Answer (4th week) Class 9th class examination will start in November. you’ll find the English solution to general English assignment on the official website of the Board of Education here. you’ll download the question here. [linkad]

Are you trying to find the solution to English Recruitment Class Nine? So you’ll download the solution here. we’ve published the solution for the 9th class here. The fourth-week assignment has been published on the web site of the Department of Education. we’ve published the solution to the fourth-week English assignment here. you’ll find the Board of education fourth-week syllabus students here. The third-week assignment has already ended. [adhere2]

In a few days, you’ve got to start out for the fourth week of laborduring this post, you’ve got discussed English assignments for the fourth week. you’ll answer all the assignments of the 9th grade from this post.Class 9 English Assignment Answer (4th Week).

Fourth Week English Assignment Syllabus

Did you recognize that the DSE authorities have already published the assignment syllabus for 4 weeks for top school students? If you do not know then this post is for you. during this post, you’ll download the fourth-week assignment answer from our site.


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Class 9 English Assignment Answer 2020

Task-01: Unit-5: Lesson-1: The Greed of the Mighty Rivers (Home Work: Section D)

Complete the summary of Meherjan’s life with words/phrases from the box.

Meherjan is a typical (1) ……………….. woman who lives in a slum. She lost her shelter and properties (2) ………………… the erosion of the river Jamuna. She also lost her family. Her husband had died of diseases caused by poverty and (3) ……………… Now, she is only a (4) ………….. Like Meherjan there are many people who have become the (5) …… of river erosion. River erosion is still posing (6) ………………… to the lives and properties of thousands of people. People living (7) ………………… the rivers are the most likely victims of river erosion. Each year about (8) ………………… people become homeless due to river erosion in Bangladesh. Meherjan’s life is just one (9) ………………… of how climate change (10) ………………… the lives of thousands of people

Answer: words/phrases: victims, affects, close to, slum dweller, homeless, threats, example, due to, shortage of food, one lakh

The examination for the fourth week of sophistication 9 assignment will start on All Saints’ Day, the official website of the Department of Education ( The English syllabus has been published here.

Task-02: Unit- 5: Lesson-3: Man and Climate (Home Work: Section D)

Write a letter to the Editor of a newspaper expressing your concern about growing deforestation in your area.

Describe how deforestation is changing your environment. Also, suggest what actions could be taken to stop cutting down trees.

  • Follow the clues below.
  • dangers caused by deforestation
  • increase of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere
  • the greenhouse effect
  • making people aware of the adverse effect of deforestation •
  • making an action plan to stop deforestation

[adhere1] assignment
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In Conclusion

This is a really important post. Every 9th-grade student is going to be ready to know and learn tons from this post. So those of you who are searching can download it from here.Class 9 English Assignment Answer (4th Week).

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