All unit subject list

All unit subject list & seats of Jahangirnagar University

This is a list of All unit subject list at Jahangirnagar University.Among Bangladesh’s universities, Jahangirnagar University is the most popular. Jahangirnagar University was ranked fourth in Bangladesh.As well as ranking 2790th in world 2021 rankings. This blog got ranked in 47 academic areas.As a result, it can be said that it is Bangladesh’s most popular university All students in Bangladesh want a chance to attend this university. Beacuse It is the most wonderful university of Bangladesh & education quality of there is pretty well.[adhere]

Jahangirnagar University subject list

The majority of students applying to this university are taking the admission test.Most students have no idea about subject lists or units. It helps the sdudents to take a right decission in time. Or we can outline how to understand the material. So we’re just saying that.This article provides a list of all courses divided into 10 units for each faculty, so you can figure out how many seats are available for each department.

All unit subject list

Jahangirnagar University all faculties

There are 6 differrent faculties in the Jahangirnagar University. And There are various subjects under the faculty.The faculties are

Aso there are 4 Institutes. The Institutes are

  • Business Administration Institutes
  • Remote Sensing and GIS Institute
  • Information Technology Institute
  • Bangabandhu Institute of Comparative Literature and Culture

all faculties

  • Arts & Humanities Faculty
  • Math & Physical Science Faculty
  • Social Science Faculty
  • Biological Science Faculty
  • Business Studies Faculty
  • Law Faculty[adhere2]

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ju a unit subject list

To make the admission test easier to administer, Jahangirnagar University has divided all subjects into 9 units. So Admission test is conducted separately in each unit. Below we have listed all the subjects of Jahangirnagar University. 

The Jahangirnagar University’s Unit A is affiliated with the Faculty of Mathematics and Physical Sciences. Below we have listed all the subjects of Jahangirnagar University.

unit Faculty Deperment seats
A Faculty of mathamatical and physical sciences Chemidtry 85
Computer science and Engineering 50
Environmental sciences 35
Geological science 40
Mathamatics 70
Physics 70
statistics 65

JU B unit subject list & seats

Social Science Faculty managed the B Unit of Jahangirnagar University. There is a total of 6 subjects in this unit.But B Unit of Jahangirnagar University has 340 seats. these subjects are very expensive.So there is a lot of competition in this unit for admission test. 

unit Faculty Deperment seats
B Social Science Faculty Economics 75
Anthropology 60
Geography & Environment 60
Government and politics 65
Public administration 50
Urban and Regional Planning 35

ju c unit subject list

The Faculty of Arts and Humanities works with Unit C.: Like IR, journalism and philosophy are top topics in this unit. All the issues of C unit are given below.

unit Faculty Deperment seats
c Arts and Humanitties Archaeology 35
Bangla 65
Drama and Dramatics 30
English 65
Fine arts 30
History 65
International Relations 55
Journalism and media studies 25
philosophy 70

ju d unit subject list

The JU D unit is full of various great subjects of life sciences. The JU D unit subject list is supervised by the Faculty of Biology. Here are the seven most sought after items[adhere1]

unit Faculty Deperment seats
D Biological science Botany 60
Zoology 60
Biochemistry & molecular Biology 65
Microbiology 35
Biotechnology & Genetic Engineering 35
Public health and Informatics 40
pharmacy 55

JU E unit subject list & seats

Ju E unit is a business a administration faculty.So there are 4 most demandable subjects in the ju E unit subject list. these are

unit Faculty Deperment seats
E Business Studies Finance & Banking 58
Marketing 60
Accounting and Information Systems 60
Management studies 60

JU F unit subject list & seats

Ju F unit Faculty name is law Faculty. The JU F unit subject list has a one subject.Because it is a deamandable subject.

unit Faculty Deperment seats
F Law Law & Justice 60

JU G unit subject list & seats

There are two subjects in the JU G unit subjects list. Information Tecnology or Bangobondhu & Litreratur.

unit Faculty Deperment seats
G IIT Information Tecnology 50
Literature Bangobondhu & Litreratur

ju h unit subject list

H unit is a Business Administration unit(IBA).JU H unit has only one subject in the deperment. H unit has 50 seats for the students.

unit Faculty Deperment seats
H IBA Institute of business 50

JU I unit subject list & seats

JU I unit has been connected recently.And It reffers to Bangobondu Institute oF Comprative Literature and Culture.

unit Faculty Deperment seats
I Bangobondu Institute oF Comprative Literature and Culture Bangobondu Institute oF Comprative Literature and Culture Availvble seat

Final ward ju admission

Last but not least, I can say that it is the most popular university in Bangladesh.So if you want to get chance in this university, then you must read properly.But For reading you have to good knowledge about all subject list.So that you can take your preparation properly.This post is intended to help you a lot. Also If you have any questions about us.Write a comment in the comment box to let us know.To know other information stay with us and visit our website


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