board challenge result

board challenge result

The education minister said that the board challenge result will be given on the 25th. Board challenge means those who re-scrutinize the exam and provide the result again. Because in this case many times students get a+ for 2 marks out of 1 mark in the result sheet and fail for 12 marks. Therefore, the Ministry of Education re-audits the accounts and gives the results. And it is called board challenge. And the board challenge result will be published on December 25. Now, if a student gets A plus, bro, if someone fails for one mark, they will be passed and those who did not get A plus will be given plus.

board challenge result 2022

Those who did SSC Result Board Challenge 2022 can rest assured now. Because the SSC result board challenge re-verification result is going to be published on 25th December. We hope that the students who have bad or failed SSC results will be passed this time. And those who failed in SSC, it may be something wrong of the Ministry of Education. Or the teacher who looks at your notebook may make a mistake. Maybe that teacher made a mistake in marking. Or made a mistake in filling the circle of registration number. But there is no reason to be tensed about this as the result of the re-audited accounts will be released on December 25.

So students have no reason to worry wait for 25th. We certainly hope you get good results.

check ssc board challenge result

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ssc result

Those who have not seen the SSC result till now must visit the official website of the education board to check your result. And if you want to download the PDF along with your SSC Result Marksheet you can also download it from the official website of the Ministry of Education. So those who are thinking to download your SSC result now. If they click on the link given below then you can easily download and view your result PDF. So click on the below link without delay.

board challenge result

scc result pdf download here

download ssc board challenge result pdf

Dinajpur board challenge result 2022

Dinajpur Board Re-verification Account Result will be given on 25th December 2022. Those of you who have given the SSC exam from Dinajpur board and your exam result is a little bad and have challenged the board again, let us tell you that you have no reason to worry because the result of re-examination is going to be published on December 25. So those of you who have board challenge from Dinajpur now wait for 25th. In this case, many times when your results are bad, it is not only your fault. Many times it is seen that your results are bad for teachers. Maybe the teacher made a mistake in adding the member or did not fill the circle of roll and registration number etc.

It may not be that you are the only one at fault. You may think that you haven’t studied in the past year, but many times you may fail because of the teacher’s mistake.

how to apply board challenge

For those of you who don’t know how to challenge votes, read our post below. Then you will understand how to challenge votes. If you know how to change the vote yourself, then you will not need any extra charge. When you want to go to any computer shop before and want to challenge the board then you have to pay extra 50 rupees. So if you yourself know how to challenge the board through mobile then you don’t need to go to the computer store and you don’t need to pay any extra charge.

board challenge result


The rules for challenging the board through your mobile phone SMS are given below:

First of all you go to the message option in your mobile
Then in the message option there
Type RSC <space> first three letters of the board in capital letters <space> roll number <space> subject code and send to 16222
Example: RSC DHA 1234 101 and send to 16222.
125 will be charged for each subject
When you send your roll number registration number board name after some time you will get another message
Then you reply to the message RSC <> YES <> PIN <> ANY PHONE NUMBER <> and send to 16222
Example: RSC YES 47489875 01XXXXXXXXX then send to 16222

ssc result date 2022

The date of SSC Result was given on 28th November. But after the result from every board most of the students failed. They are now thinking that the board will challenge. Because not only you can make mistakes yourself but also in many cases students make mistakes in marking or looking at notebooks. In that case you are not wrong as later when the board is challenged the correct result is given. And talking about SSC Result SSC Result is 28 October 2022 which has been published. So those of you who have not seen the SSC result yet, please visit our website on the link given below, then you can see the SSC result through our website.

Important Dates of SSC Result Board Challenge Process

Today’s post is for those who have board challenge after SSC result. So for those who don’t know read our full post then you will know how to challenge board. What are the rules of board challenge?Get your idea. So read our entire post without delay. And for those of you who don’t know how to do the board challenge, we have made this post. Those who know have nothing new to say.

And those of you who will challenge the vote, click on the link given below on our website. Then you can directly go to board challenge option and from there you can challenge the board. Click on the link given below without delay and challenge the board directly.

result download for

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