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GP Internet Offer 2020 – GrameenPhone New Offer

GP Internet Offer 2020

GrameenPhone is the largest telecommunication company in the world For a long time. This company has been able to create an easy way to communicate with people all over Bangladesh. This company offers a variety of attractive offers to meet all the needs of the people,This year, this company has come to you with some interesting offers. Today I will discuss all the internet offers of Grameenphone in 2020.

As our telecommunication operators have been showing a trend among the operators. As a result, these operators are trying to give different types of attractive gifts to their customers. GrameenPhone is one of the few telecommunication operators in Bangladesh. If you ask me which operator is the best, i will definitely answer GrameenPhone.

GP Internet

Internet has brought a huge revolution in our modern civilization. So, we can not lead a single day without internet. GrameenPhone has earned its highest reputation through its network. If you see that GP has made its network so powerful that we can use this network from wherever we are.


The competition among the Operators  is increasing day by day. One operator is trying to win customers heart with some attractive offers. So, every year GP is introducing new internet services to its customers this year. This year GP has offered some new exciting features to their customers which i will discuss.

GP 9 TK 1GB Offer 2020

Dear GP Customers, i think it is the best offer for you. Because this is cheapest purchase offer for you. So, you must take this offer. Before activated the offer i have to give some information about it.

Customer can take this offer by dialing *121*5233# . However, there are some terms and condition for this offer.

How to get 9tk 1 GB offer ?

  • At first you have to recharge your balance.
  • Then you have to dial *121*5233#
  • Finally you will get a reply message and your offer will be activated.

Terms And Conditions

  • Customers can only take the offer 4 times.
  • This offer is only for some days.
  • So, you can use the internet 24 hours. Customer can use for Browsing , Downloading and all type online activities.

GrameenPhone 500 MB 5tk Offer

Now i am going to introduce you with another attractive offer. So, this offer not only cheap but also useful for you. Therefore, as a GP Customer you should take the offer and enjoy the internet. At last i suggest you to see my instructions to activate the offer.

How to get GP 500 MB 5 Tk Offer ?

  • At first you must have a smart phone. Notice, without smartphone you will not able to take the offer.
  • Then go to your Google Playstore. Download GrameenPhone Official app MY GP App.
  • Now install the app and sign up with right method.
  • Finally you will get the offer. However , it is a gift for you for first time registration in My GP App.

GP Internet Offer 2020 12 Tk 1 GB

GrameenPhone always try to satisfy their customers by giving some attractive offer. Some days ago GP presented a new internet offer for their customers. So, it is an excellent offer for you. Therefore, i suggest you to take the offer.


How to Activate GP 12 Tk 1 GB Offer ?

  • You can buy this offer via your mobile phone. So, follow my instructions to activate the offer.
  • At first dial *121*5174#
  • Then in reply you will get your offer.

GP Internet Offer 1 GB 19 Tk

+GP Customers will be able to buy 1 GB internet with 19 Taka. This offer is the best internet offer. If you want to buy the offer, you can purchase the USSD code by dialing it. So, you should take the offer if you want enjoy your day.

How to Activate GP 19 Tk 1 GB Offer ?

At first dial *5020*2218#

Then your Package you will activate .

GP Internet Offer 2020 List

I have presented all the internet offers of GP below here. So, customers can easily see the list and choose the package from the list. Then they should try to take it and enjoy the offer.

Data Price Dial Code Validity
5MB 2.62 *121*3002# 3
350MB 33 *121*3083# 3
115MB 58 *121*3005# 30
85MB 28 *121*3004# 7
555MB 149 *121*3007# 28
1538MB 239 *121*3027# 30
2GB 54 *121*3242# 3 (72 hours)
1GB 89 *121*3056# 7
3GB + Free 3GB 108 *121*3344# 7
8GB (2GB 4G) 148 *121*3262# 7
10GB + 10GB Free 198 *121*3133# 7

GP Internet Offer List 2

Data  Price Dial Code  Validity
1GB 189 *121*3390# 30
3GB 289 *121*3391# 30
5GB (1GB 4G) 299 *121*3458# 30
8GB (2GB 4G) 399 *121*3392# 30
15GB 498 *121*3459# 30
15GB 649 *121*3393# 30
20GB (4G) 499 *121*3435# 30
30GB 998 *121*3394# 30
50GB (4G) 999 *121*3436# 30
100GB (4G) 1499 *121*3437# 30
Whatapp pack 26MB 2.61 *121*3063# 3
Viber pack 26 MB 2.61 *121*3070# 3
Facebook 1.57 *121*3022# 3
Emergency data loan (12MB) 5 *121*3021# 3
Facebook 19 *121*3024# 28
Facebook 6.28 *121*3023# 7

GP Offer Check 2020

Grameen Phone provides some big offer for their customer. But there are many people they have no idea. So, they want to know how to check the GP Offer. In addition i come to you with a solution.

You can check your offer in different way. Sometime GP send their customer a GP Offer SMS. On the other hand, sometimes they publish it on their website. At last there is an another way. And the way is Dial code. So, i will discuss all offer checking method.

GP Offer Check Through Online

Customers can check their offer by using internet. In addition they have to follow my instructions.

  • At first go to Grameenphone Official Website ,,,
  • Then you will see many category there.
  • Now select the Offer Category from the list.
  • Then click My Offer. And put your Mobile number.
  • Finally your offer will display in front of you.

GP Offer Check Through Dial Code

GP Subscribers can check their offer via dial code. In addition i have a solution for you. So, follow my instructions and try to do it.

  • At first go to you Dial Option
  • Then Dial *121# and call .
  • Now you will see some option. Choose My Offer from the option.
  • At last you will see you offer.

GP Offer Check Through Apps

GrameenPhone has their own Apps. My GP APPS. So, you can get some attractive offers from here. And you also can complete all your activities from here. So, it is undoubtly an important app for the GP Customer.

  • At first i want to notify you that it is an andorid app. So, you must have an android phone to use this app.
  • Then you have to install the app from Google Playstore.
  • Now you must register here.
  • At last you will able to get all the goods of MY GP App.

Make your own GP Internet Offer 2020

GP Subscribers can create their own offer by using Flexiplan App. However, it is another official app for the GP users. So, by using this app you can easily make a package with your choice.

  • At first open the app and you will see some category. Just like Internet, SMS, Talktime, Validity
  • Then you have to make your choice.
  • Now Check your choice right or wrong.
  • Then put your phone number and submit it.
  • A SMS Will send on your number. So, put the verification code.
  • Finally your own offer has created.

Suppose you want to buy 1GB Internet with 30 Days validity. So, you have to choose 1 GB From internet option. Then choose Validity 30 days.

About GrameenPhone Bangladesh

Grameenphone, widely known as GP, is the leading telecommunications service provider in our country. There are more than 74 million customers and 46.3% subscriber market share. It is a joint venture between Telenor and Grameen Telecom Corporation.

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